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Melding history and ingenuity, I live my morning, noon, & night with a feeling of frontier.


Researcher, archivist, and environmentally-centered designer:

I promise to illustrate a new old-fashioned way, to display my values through design, and, simply, to play.  Creating a foresighted world and the time to enjoy it: this is my work.  By discovering methods to simplify residential infrastructure, I am exposing higher freedom and an enhanced ecosystem.  My story is meant to be shared.

Mount Holyoke College class of '15,  Magna Cum Laude in Architectural Studies:

Coursework in design, geography, and environmental geoscience generated a foundation for interdisciplinary research and my current holistic lifestyle.

Some Past Employment: MIT Department of History; UMass' Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Lab; The Spatial Humanities Project at Lancaster University (UK); The Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies; Mount Holyoke College's Office for Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability

AWARDS AND HONORS:  Byron fellow, 5 College Digital Humanities student fellow  Mary Jean Hale award for Environmental Studies recipient • Helen F. Vannett Memorial Fund awardee for research travel  MWCE internship funding awardee for work at The Cary Institute  NESEA Building Energy '12 alumni funding awardee

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