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freelance & consulting

Research and design for alternative housing and simplified living

Sarah G. Hastings


Rhizhome is Sarah's platform for research, design, education, and problem solving in the realm of alternative housing and simplified living.  In this age of mobility and technology, Sarah emphasizes the importance of place-making, culture, local economy, and traditional craft.  She has a background in sustainable design and planning, geographical mapping, and historical research.  Having designed, constructed, and resided in her own tiny house, Sarah embodies her values and enjoys helping other people strategize their own simple dream. 

Hobbies: running, hiking, gardening, drawing, and learning new crafts

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Tiny House Services  


So you've caught the tiny house bug and can't stop dreaming of your own simple escape, but you've been overcome by questions left unanswered by blogs and TV shows?  A consultation might be exactly what you need in order to move forward.  Available for both phone consultations or in-person consultations (New England only), Sarah will break down the steps for you and begin the planning process with you.  Or, if you just want it all written out for you, Sarah provides personalized reports and guidelines for tiny house design, materials, and zoning. 


Tiny House Talks, Tours, and Events

Sarah loves sharing her experiences and knowledge!  Feel free to reach out for any inquiries regarding public or classroom talks, possible tiny house tours, or events that you would like her to be a part of.  In the past, Sarah has enjoyed guest lecturing at schools ranging from pre-k to college.  She has presented at numerous community and academic conferences, as well as at festivals and other events.  Have a group of prospective tiny house dwellers?  Ask about day-long workshop offerings!




Other Services

Sarah's experience with database management, website design, and creative research makes her a dynamic freelancer for a variety of business or personal needs.  Reach out if you need some numbers crunched, data entered, or content created!